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There are several Special Interest Groups (or, subdivisions) across the state.

These Groups provide networking, professional development and information-sharing for division members in their state or province.


Typical subdivision activities include sponsoring sessions, strands or workshops at state or provincial conferences, political advocacy, and supporting the activities of their division and state or provincial unit of CEC. 


For more information about subdivisions, please contact:

Brooke Lylo, President 

Briana Bronstein, President-Elect


Which openers are compatible with the Genie Wireless Wall Console?

The wireless wall console is compatible with most Genie Intellicode® garage door openers manufactured since 2013. The wireless wall console is not compatible with Models 1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2027 or 2042.

How do you program the wireless wall console?

The wireless wall console can be programmed in a similar way that any other Genie Intellicode remote is programmed – by pressing the PROGRAM button on the opener for approximately 2 seconds, then pressing the large DOOR button on the console 3-4 times until the door moves.

What functions can you perform with the wireless wall console?

The wireless wall console has 3 buttons. The largest button (DOOR button) moves the door up and down. There is a “Jogger button” (DELAY button) that when pressed provides the user 10 seconds before the door begins to move. Press the button up to 3 times for a maximum of 30 seconds. The final button is a work LIGHT button that allows you to turn the light on the opener on and off.

Does this console have any type of backlighting?

The wireless wall console has a pulsing backlight that makes it easy to locate in dark spaces. You can change the pulse rate to an alternate speed or turn it off completely for maximum battery life. The back light will also turn red to visually indicate when the batteries need changed.

How will I know if the batteries need changed?

The back light will turn red to visually indicate when the batteries need changed.

How does the “Jogger button” (DELAY button) work?

When the “Jogger Button” (DELAY button) is pressed – the user will have 10 seconds before the door begins to move. The delayed movement could be an upward or downward movement depending on the position of the door when the button is pressed. Press the button up to 3 times for a maximum of 30 seconds before the door moves.

How do I stop the door if I have already pressed the “Jogger button” (DELAY button)?

The delay function can be stopped by pressing the DOOR button on the same wall console.

After I press the “Jogger button” (DELAY button), how will I know my time is up and the door will begin to move?

After the DELAY button is pressed, the wireless wall console backlight will proceed to flash once per second for 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds depending on how many times you pressed it. The work light on the opener will flash 4-5 seconds prior to door movement to alert the user.

How do I clear out the wireless wall console from the opener head?

In all IntelliG® and TriloG® operators (Models 3024, 3064, 4024, 4124, 4064, 4164), the wireless wall console will clear from the head in the same manner as other radio frequency (RF) devices (such as keypads or transmitters) clear out. This is also true of ReliaG® operators produced since the middle of 2018 (Models 1028, 2028, 3020, 3120). Please follow the instructions inside the manual to clear out RF devices.

For any ReliaG® operators 2013 – mid 2018, the wireless wall console does NOT clear from the head in the same manner. The wireless wall console can be cleared from the opener head by using the specific process documented on the backside of the console. Please reference the label on the back of the console or the instructions for the wireless wall console.

When my Safe-T-Beam® system is obstructed, can I override them by holding down the DOOR button on the wireless wall console and force the door to close?

This is called ‘constant contact to close’. The wireless wall console cannot perform this function with any opener manufactured prior to 2019. It may be performed with some openers manufactured 2019 +, please consult the opener manual to see if this feature applies to the unit you have.

What kind of batteries does the wireless wall console use?

The wireless wall console operates with (2) common AAA batteries conveniently located underneath the battery cover at the front of the wall console.