Joining CEC is the best way to continue growing and advancing in your role.


Gain continued insight and connection to the best resources we have to offer to ensure that you're backed with what you need to help your students thrive. 

With various tiers to meet all needs and budgets, you'll find ways to:

  • Access evidence-based articles to broaden your knowledge.

  • Receive news and information to keep you current.

  • Engage in conversations that stimulate your thinking.

  • Take advantage of discounts to save you money.

  • Make connections to expand your relationships and find new paths to advance your career.

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Students: Take advantage of a special 20% discount on any membership tier you select! 


Students must be enrolled full or part-time in a matriculating program by an accredited college or university.


Students are eligible for the discount for a maximum of 6 cumulative years.  For verification the following information is required at the time you join or renew – University Name, Expected Graduation Date and Degree Program.